The Rye Baker

"An instant classic" -- Peter Reinhart
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The Rye Baker


Specialty and Gluten-Free Flours

Pre-modern Europe depended on what we today call "specialty flours,", for its daily bread. Before wheat became the foundation of breads and sweet goods worldwide, bakers learned - whether out of choice or necessity - to use flours milled from a variety of other foodstuffs, including barley , potatoes, buckwheat, rice and oats. Each has its unique characteristics, and all offer bakers new tastes, textures, and colors with which to enhance their breads, cakes, cookies and pastries.

NOTE: Our gluten-free flours are packed in a facility that also packs wheat and rye flours. For that reason, our gluten-free products are not recommended for people with medically confirmed gluten allergies. They are, however, suitable for those who choose to limit their gluten intake for non- medically necessary reasons.

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