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NYB FlourPantries

Photo: Rebecca Perry

NYB FlourPantries are exactly what they sound like - pre-selected flour pantries that give bread bakers everywhere an easy, convenient way to stock up on a wide variety of hard-to-find specialty and commercial flours from some of the world's leading mills. Each NYB flour pantry is built around a specific set of baking interests, so that bakers everywhere can find the combination of flours that best reflect their tastes and baking agenda.

We invite you to learn more.

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NYB Baker's Basics FlourPantry

The flours every bread baker should have.

Five pounds each of:

  • All Trumps (14.2% protein),
  • KA Special Spring Patent(12.7%),
  • NYB Euro-Style Artisan (11.0%) and
  • GM Stone Ground Whole Wheat (13.7%).


NYB Artisan FlourPantry

Find the right flour for your artisan-style hearth breads.

Five pounds each of:

  • NYB Euro-Style Artisan Flour,
  • Giusto's Unbleached Artisan Flour,
  • NYB Farine de Campagne, and
  • NYB Farine Rustique.


NYB European FlourPantry

Our assortment of imported and Euro-style flours.

Five pounds each of:

  • Imported Caputo Tipo 00 EXTRA AP Flour,
  • Caputo Tipo 00 Rinforzato Bread Flour,
  • Caputo Tipo 00 Pizzeria Flour, and
  • NYB Euro-Style Artisan Flour.


NYB Craft FlourPantry

The NYB Craft FlourPantry consists of four NYB custom blends, each with its unique personality, designed specifically for European-style hearth breads. Five pounds each of:

  • NYB Euro-Style Artisan Flour,
  • NYB Farine Rustique,
  • NYB Craft Flour Type 65 and
  • NYB Craft Flour Type 85.


NYB Pizzeria FlourPantry

Discover your perfect pizza crust. Five pounds each of these pizzaiolo favorites:

  • Antimo Caputo Tipo 00 Pizzeria Flour
  • Ardent Mills Kyrol High-Gluten Flour (Bleached)
  • Gold Medal "Neapolitan" Type 00 Pizza Flour
  • Grain Craft Mondako Flour (Bleached)


NYB High-Gluten FlourPantry

Compare and contrast the strongest flours available.

Five pounds each of:

  • King Arthur Sir Lancelot (14.2%),
  • General Mills All Trumps (14.2%),
  • ConAgra Kyrol (14.0%) and
  • NYB Xtra Strong Bread Flour(13.5%).


NYB Rye FlourPantry

Experience the many faces of this extraordinary grain.

Three pounds each of:

  • NYB Type 1740 Wholegrain Rye Flour,
  • General Mills 000 Medium Rye Flour,
  • NYB Type 1150 Light Rye Flour, and
  • General Mills Cream of Rye White Rye Flour.


NYB King Arthur Bread FlourPantry

See for yourself why King Arthur's best-selling bread flours have won such high acclaim.

Five pounds each of:

  • Sir Lancelot (14.2% protein),
  • Special Spring Patent (12.7%), and
  • Sir Galahad (11.7%).


NYB Pumpernickel FlourPantry

The NYB Pumpernickel FlourPantry complements our Rye FlourPantry. It includes darker and heartier rye flours and meals that are ideal for Central and Eastern European style rustic rye and wholegrain breads. Contains three pounds each of

  • Bay State Wingold Dark Rye Flour
  • Bay State Wingold Fine Rye Meal
  • Bay...

NYB General Mills Bread FlourPantry

Sample General Mills' most popular unbleached bread flours.

Five pounds each of:

  • All Trumps (14.2 % protein),
  • Remarkable (13.6%), and
  • Harvest King (12.0%).

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