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The Rye Baker


Yeast, Salt and Malt

Yeast, a lowly single-celled fungus that lives invisibly all around us has had a huge impact on Western civilization. Thousands of years ago, the ancient Egyptians depended on yeast for their bread and beer. In ancient Rome and medieval Europe, where 80% of a peasant's daily food intake consisted of bread, yeast was literally the foundation on which society was built.

Today, almost all of the yeast used by bakers and brewers is commercially produced and comes in three forms: fresh compressed yeast, which requires refrigeration; active dry yeast, the earliest form of nonrefrigerated yeast; and instant, which is by far the most user-friendly. NYB is pleased to offer all three.

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Red Star Active Dry Yeast

For bakers who prefer active dry yeast. Use 50% of fresh yeast and 150% of instant yeast percentages. First developed in the early 1940s, active dry yeast consists of small cylindrical particles of active yeast cells surrounded by a hard shell of dead cells. It will keep for up to 5 years. Before adding active dry yeast to your dough,...


SAF Gold Label Instant Yeast

SAF Gold is an osmotolerant yeast designed for conditions that inhibit the ability of regular yeast to multiply, such as in low-hydration doughs and highly enriched doughs with sugar and/or fat content in excess of 10%, and higher dough temperatures than standard yeast. Because it's more efficient, use about 20% less osmotolerant...


SAF Red Label Instant Yeast

Instant yeast offers all the advantages of fresh compressed yeast without its perishability. Unlike active dry yeast, instant yeast can be added directly to dry ingredients without the need to pre-hydrate. Comes in a 1 lb./454 g. vacuum-sealed bag, and will keep refriger ted for up to 3 years.


AB Mauri Low Diastatic Malt Powder

Baker's malt is made from barley that has been sprouted, dried and refined, and is an important source of iron and the diastase enzymes that help turn starches into sugars. Dry malt offers an easy and convenient way to enhance the color and taste of breads without excessive sweetness. This malt, produced by one of the world's largest...


Batory Diastatic Malt Syrup

Liquid malt is chemically identical to dry malt, but with 16% water content and roasted to impart deeper flavor. This malt syrup is high in active diastase enzymes and is blended with corn syrup to improve flow and increase sweetness. 1 l lb./454 g. of diastatic malt syrup comes in a handy squeeze bottle.


Red Star Fresh Compressed Yeast - 1 lb/454g block

NOTE: To ensure freshness, we STRONGLY RECOMMEND shipping via 2-day or next-day FedEx.

For maximum control over fermentation and proofing, nothing compares with fresh yeast. Because it consists of live cells in a nutrient medium, fresh yeast requires refrigeration and will stay fresh for 2-3 months...


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