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The Rye Baker


Idaho Pacific Fine Potato Flour (Gluten Free)


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Potatoes were a latecomer to Eastern Europe. First introduced in 16th century Spain by the conquistadores, who discovered them in the Andes, they didn't really become a significant part of the European diet in general until the early 19th century. Potatoes are easier to grow than wheat, yield more per acre than rye, and are highly nutritious, providing complete protein, and ample amounts of Vitamin C, Vitamin B6, potassium and manganese. As a result, potatoes are a dietary mainstay in Europe and North America.

Idaho Pacific Fine Potato Flour is milled from Idaho-grown whole potatoes, skins included. Added to bread doughs, it softens the crumb and extends shelf life, making it ideal for Old World potato breads, Pugliese, sandwich breads and hot dog/hamburger buns. 1 lb./454 g. poly bag.

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