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"An instant classic" -- Peter Reinhart
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The Rye Baker


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Batory Diastatic Malt Syrup
Price: $6.95

Liquid malt is chemically identical to dry malt, but with 16% water content and roasted to impart deeper flavor. This malt syrup is high in active ... more info

... more info
Bay State Coarse Rye Meal
Price: $8.95

Crushed whole-grain rye. The classic pumpernickel flour, with a strong, earthy taste and dense, chewy texture. Pre-soak coarse rye meal or scald it ... more info

... more info
Bay State Fine Rye Meal
Price: $8.95

Crushed whole-grain rye which is then ground to a fine texture, slightly coarser than medium rye flour. It is rye meal that gives pumpernickels and ... more info

... more info
Bay State Medium Rye Meal
Price: $8.95

Crushed whole-grain rye which is then ground to a medium texture. Medium rye meal is perfect for pumpernickels and table ryes that are rich in ... more info

... more info
Bay State Wingold Dark Rye Flour
Price: $7.95

The darkest and heaviest rye flour, consisting of whole-grain rye flour after the white rye flour has been sifted out. With its very robust flavor, ... more info

Black Poppyseed
Price: $3.49

Sprinkled on breads and rolls, baked into cakes and cookies, or simmered with honey and lemon zest to make mohn pastry filling, poppyseeds add flavor ... more info

Caraway Seed
Price: $2.95

Crescent-shaped, fragrant and astringent, caraway's distinctive flavor and scent infuse Scandinavian, German and Eastern European breads, and impart ... more info

Chicago Almond Professional Almond Paste
Price: $14.95

The gold standard of flavorings, this blend of finely ground blanched almonds cooked slowly in a syrup of cane sugar imparts an unmistakable ... more info

Cobra Natural Indonesian 1XS Vanilla Extract
Price: $5.95

No other flavoring agent is as pervasive in baking as vanilla, and with good reason. This essence of orchid adds a degree of depth and richness to ... more info

Coriander Seed
Price: $2.95

A staple seasoning in ancient Rome, coriander - also known as cilantro and Mexican parsley - grows widely throughout the world. Its leaves lend their ... more info

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