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"An instant classic" -- Peter Reinhart
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The Rye Baker


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Imported Linen-Lined Bannetons
Price: $22.95

These imported French willow bannetons have helped generations of bakers produce perfect rustic boules and sell elsewhere for up to $40. The 8"/20cm ... more info

... more info
King Arthur Sir Galahad™ Bread/AP Flour
Price: $4.95

Approximate analysis (14% moisture): Protein 11.7%, Ash 0.50% At just 11.7% protein and milled exclusively from hard red winter wheat, King Arthur ... more info

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King Arthur Special Patent™ Flour
Price: $4.95

Approximate analysis (14% moisture): Protein 12.7%, Ash 0.50% At 12.7%, King Arthur Special Patent™ Flour has a higher protein content than ... more info

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MicroPerf Bread Storage Bags

Tired of having to choose between hearth breads that go soft in plastic or instantly stale in paper? Our 30 perf/in² food-grade 0.8 mil ... more info

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Miller First Clear Flour (Unbleached)
Price: $8.95

Approximate analysis (14% moisture): Protein 13.9%, Ash 0.85% We've been looking for an unbleached first clear flour for years and finally found it. ... more info

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NYB Rågsikt Rye-Wheat Blend
Price: $7.95

Rågsikt is a Swedish specialty blend of rye and wheat flour that's used when mild-flavored, yet distinctively Scandinavian rye breads, crackers ( ... more info

NYB Artisan FlourPantry
Price: $29.95

Find the right flour for your artisan-style hearth breads. Five pounds each of: NYB Euro-Style Artisan Flour, Giusto's Unbleached Artisan Flour, NYB ... more info

NYB Baker's Basics FlourPantry
Price: $24.95

The flours every bread baker should have. Five pounds each of: All Trumps (14.2% protein), KA Special Spring Patent(12.7%), NYB Euro-Style Artisan ... more info

NYB Baker's Parchment
Price: $8.95

Nonstick, heat-resistant surface especially useful for sticky or slack doughs, like ryes and ciabatta, or glazed breads like sticky buns and challah. ... more info

NYB Brown Flaxseed
Price: $3.99

Europeans have been using flaxseed for food for over 7,000 years, and it continues to play an important role in the baked goods of Scandinavia, ... more info

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