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The Rye Baker


New Products

Gold Coast Artificial Jamaica Rum Flavoring
Price: $5.95

If there is one word to describe the flavor and aroma of rum, it's caramel - that sweet, slightly burnt flavor of sugar that's been heated until it ... more info

Coriander Seed
Price: $2.95

A staple seasoning in ancient Rome, coriander - also known as cilantro and Mexican parsley - grows widely throughout the world. Its leaves lend their ... more info

Anise Seed
Price: $2.95

Prized for its rounded sweet-pungent flavor and aroma, anise was used widelyby the ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans. Its use has continues into ... more info

Hulled White Sesame Seed
Price: $2.95

This most versatile of seeds, which are rich in fragrant oils and have a distinctive sweet-nutty flavor, originated in North Africa and the Middle ... more info

Caraway Seed
Price: $2.95

Crescent-shaped, fragrant and astringent, caraway's distinctive flavor and scent infuse Scandinavian, German and Eastern European breads, and impart ... more info

AB Mauri Low Diastatic Malt Powder
Price: $6.95

Baker's malt is made from barley that has been sprouted, dried and refined, and is an important source of iron and the diastase enzymes that help ... more info

Cuyutlán Sal Marin - Medium Grain
Price: $7.95

Since pre-Columbian times, the salteros of Colima, on Mexico's Pacific coast, have taken this clean-tasting, snow-white salt from Laguna ... more info

Breton Sea Salt - Sel Gris de Guérande
Price: $8.95

Gourmets consider this the ultimate in natural salt, sun-dried and harvested in the tidal pools of Brittany. The gray sea salt of Guérande is ... more info

Red Star Active Dry Yeast
Price: $4.95

For bakers who prefer active dry yeast. Use 50% of fresh yeast and 150% of instant yeast percentages. First developed in the early 1940s, active dry ... more info

... more info
NYB Full Strength Bread Flour
Price: $4.95

Approximate analysis (14% moisture): Protein 12.6%, Ash 0.52% NYB Full Strength is a perfect all around bread flour. Provides excellent results in ... more info

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