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"An instant classic" -- Peter Reinhart
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The Rye Baker


Welcome to The New York Bakers

Over the past few weeks, the coronavirus/COVID-19 emergency has produced an unprecedented spike in our order volume. While we are grateful for this additional business, it has also put a strain on our ability to ship in a timely manner. One result has been periodic product stockouts of popular products; a second has been shipping delays of one week to ten days.

Accordingly, we ask that you be patient with us as we work diligently to get your merchandise out the door and delivered to you as quickly as our resources permit.

We appreciate your business and your confidence in us, and we look forward to continuing to serve you throughout this emergency and beyond.

Since 2009, The New York Bakers has been based on one simple promise: to provide home bakers everywhere with the ingredients, supplies and equipment that are hard, if not impossible to find elsewhere -- at affordable prices.

It's a promise we re-commit to every day. Our selection isn't vast: you won't find bagel guillotines, novelty cookie cutters or gimmicky shortcut additives that claim to turn your breads from ordinary to "artisan." What you will find is an assortment of professional flours that is unparalleled anywhere, heavy-duty baking stones that won't crack at the slightest bump, authentic old-school bagel boards, as well as the widest selection of rye flours available anywhere - all chosen to help you create breads, pastries, cakes and cookies that any baker, amateur or pro, would be proud of.

We've also innovated in other ways. Our NYB FlourPantries offer preselected assortments of our regular flours built around a particular theme, so that bakers interested in experimenting with variations can do so easily and conveniently - and at a price that's lower than they'd have to pay for the individual flours. Our Frequent Flour loyalty program rewards our regular customers with across-the-board discounts of up to 20%, based on past purchases. Look for more innovations and improvements in coming months.

Stan Ginsberg
Proprietor and Chief New York Baker
Author, The Rye Baker

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Product descriptions of non-NYB flours originate with the manufacturers and are solely used to identify product being sold.
The New York Bakers purchases professional flours in large quantities, repackages them and passes the savings onto you, our customers.