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Flavorings & More

Flavorings and extracts occupy a prominent place in the baker's pantry. Why? Because the world is filled with flavors and fragrances that exert an almost mystical hold on the human psyche. Scent delights the mind and palate, tastes thrill the tongue. For centuries, bakers have incorporated a myriad of flavors and fragrances into their creations, from the unctuous richness of nuts to the nose-filling scents of rum, butter and vanilla, and the lively tang of citrus. The New York Bakers is pleased to offer what we expect will be a growing palette of flavors and fragrances to enrich and enhance your baking creations.

We offer flavorings in two forms: emulsions, which contain a blend of water and oil-based carriers that blend equally well with ingredients of all types; and extracts, which consist of the flavoring agent - typically, an essential oil either derived from natural sources or synthesized in a laboratory - that has been dissolved in alcohol and diluted to working strength with water. Because their alcohol content evaporates over time, even in a closed container, extracts tend to become more concentrated, which can affect the taste of your finished baked goods if you haven't compensated for the evaporation. Emulsions, on the other hand, contain a larger number of ingredients and remain stable over time.

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What can compare to the flavor of butter, that subtle sweetness that infuses everything it touches? This butter emulsion, which uses flavoring compounds suspended in an oil/water-based medium, enables you to enhance the flavor of baked goods that already contain butter, or to replace butter with vegetable shortening without any loss of...

If there is one word to describe the flavor and aroma of rum, it's caramel - that sweet, slightly burnt flavor of sugar that's been heated until it melts and turns a deep golden brown. Rum flavoring is a natural in cakes, cookies and pastries, especially those rich in butter and eggs. 4 fl.oz./115 ml.

NYB Pure Lemon Extract is made with 100% natural lemon oil that has been derived from lemon zest and will add a clean, distinctive tang to your baked goods. 4 fl.oz./115 ml.

The essential oils that give lemon zest its unmistakable tang are presented here, in easily soluble form, both more intensely flavored and with an extended shelf life in comparison to lemon extract. Use this lemon emulsion wherever lemon flavoring is called for - in cakes, cookies, yeast-raised pastries, fillings, desserts and more. 4...

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