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The Rye Baker


Equipment & Supplies

Basic Supplies

ONE OF THE GREAT ATTRACTIONS of bread baking as a hobby is that it doesn't take much to get started - a few bowls, a bench knife, a work surface and, of course, an oven.

But there are also tools that add to the pleasure of bread baking - that let us measure more precisely than our eyes and hands allow; that enable us to reproduce and adapt recipes and techniques that have evolved over centuries; that make mixing, benching and baking a whole lot easier.

We at NYB are continually on the lookout for those kinds of tools, and when we find them and think they're priced right, they'll have earned their way onto this page. ( Click here for Care & Use information.)

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FEW ITEMS ARE MORE USEFUL for hand kneading, dividing dough and shaping than a bench knife, aka dough scraper. They come in a variety of materials, including stainless steel, nylon, and HDPE, and may have a wooden, plastic or metal grip – or no grip at all. We like a 3" x 6"/7.5cm x 15cm stainless steel blade with a wooden grip,...

Nonstick, heat-resistant surface especially useful for sticky or slack doughs, like ryes and ciabatta, or glazed breads like sticky buns and challah. Roll it into a cone for decorating cakes, cookies and pastries. Comes in a rolled bundle of full-size 16"x24"/40x60cm sheets that can be cut to fit standard home kitchen baking pans.

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