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The Rye Baker


Bread Flour

Bread flour, which is milled from a blend of hard red spring and winter wheat, has a protein content of 11.5% to 13%. Bread flour is the baker's mainstay, combining enough protein to produce a tender, yet well-defined crumb, with the natural sugars and complex carbohydrates that translate into lush mouth-feel and full flavor. Bread flours lend themselves to a very wide range of applications, from yeast-raised pastries and doughnuts to enriched sandwich bread, Parker House rolls, challahs, and crusty artisan bread.

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Approximate analysis (14% moisture): Protein 10.0%-10.5%, Ash 0.56% Central Milling's consistent high quality makes their flours the first choice among some of America's best craft bakers. We were fortunate to make a special purchase of their Certified Organic AP flour in 10#/4.54kg bags, and we're offering it to you, our customers,...

Approximate analysis (14% moisture): Protein 12.6%, Ash 0.52% NYB Full Strength is a perfect all around bread flour. Provides excellent results in any type of yeast-raised product. Ideal for pan breads, rolls, buns, hearth breads, and many specialty baked products. 5 lb./2.27 kg. poly bag.

Approximate analysis (14% moisture): Protein 12.7%, Ash 0.50% At 12.7%, King Arthur Special Patent™ Flour has a higher protein content than most standard bread flours, making it extremely versatile. This is a very high quality flour that contains no conditioners or chemical performance enhancers. 5 lb./2.27 kg. poly bag. Special...

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Approximate analysis (14% moisture): Protein 12.0%, Ash 0.50% Mondako is Pendleton Mills' standard bread flour, with superior gluten formation and elasticity, making it ideal for pizza when a tender yet crunchy crust is desired. 5 lb./2.27 kg. poly bag.

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Approximate analysis (14% moisture): Protein 12.0%, Ash 0.52% Harvest King® is an all-purpose bread flour milled from hard red winter wheat, unbleached and with no chemical conditioners, that lends itself to a wide range of baking applications, from lean artisan hearth breads to enriched doughs for soft rolls and pan breads. 5...

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Approximate analysis (14% moisture): Protein 11.0%, Ash 0.52% Government regs prohibit us from using the "O" word, but that's just what this sustainably grown certified flour is - no additives, no synthetic fertilizers or insecticides, no genetically modified organisms. Use it for everything from biscuits and pie crusts to crunchy,...

Approximate analysis (14% moisture): Protein 11.7%, Ash 0.50% At just 11.7% protein and milled exclusively from hard red winter wheat, King Arthur Sir Galahad™ is especially designed to produce open-crumbed artisan hearth breads and pizza crusts. 5 lb./2.27 kg. poly bag. Sir Galahad™ is a registered trademark of King Arthur...

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Approximate analysis (14.5% moisture): Protein 12.2%, Ash 0.80% Milled from hard durum, but finer than semolina, use this golden flour to create silky pastas, Sicilian pizzas and crusty Pugliese and Pane Siciliano. 3 lb./1.36 kg. poly bag. King Midas® is a registered trademark of Ardent Mills, Inc. King Midas® Extra Fancy Durum...

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