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This page contains an ever-changing and expanding collection of links we like, all related to the art of baking outstanding breads, cakes, pastries and cookies. The contents are purely subjective and entirely subject to my whims and interests and are far from a definitive reference. Hope you enjoy them.


Want more info on ingredients and equipment? Here it is.


For a gallery of books we like, take a look at the NYB BookShelf.

Recipes (pdf Download)

German Farmhouse Rye (Bauernbrot)

Brazilian Tapioca Bread (Beiju)

Russian-Polish Black Bread

Russian Buckwheat Pancakes (Blini)

Russian Borodinsky Rye

No-Fail Baguette Dough

Neapolitan Pizza Dough (Vera Pizza Napoletana)

Old-School Jewish Deli Rye

Sour German Rye (Sauerteig Roggenbrot)

Enriched Bread/Roll (Vienna) Dough

Swedish Beer Limpa (Vortlimpa)

Old-School NY Water Bagels


How to Braid a High Four-Strand Challah

How to Braid a Six-Strand Challah

French Master Baker Jacques Mahou demonstrates shaping of French regional loaves. - long, but deserves multiple views!

Video index of classic French bread shapes. - great resource!

La Passion de Pain - modern French baker and how it was done before machinery

German Rye Bread - hand kneading and wood-fired oven

Hot Bagels (Brooklyn, circa 1965) - a beautiful piece of retro baking history

Montreal Bagels Start to Finish at St. Viateur Bakery

Hand-Rolling Bagels at 100 Dozen an Hour ... Unbelieveable!

Using Bagel Boards

Making Bialys

An 88-year-old Hungarian grandma stretches strudel dough

King Arthur Professional bakery videos - King Arthur put together a series of videos that feature Jeffrey Hamelman demonstrating how to mix, shape and score hearth breads. These vids are must viewing for all dedicated home bread bakers.

Blogs We Like (In no particular order):

The Fresh Loaf is probably the best-known and liveliest baking site on the Internet, with a wide following of hobbyist primarily bread bakers. It offers a wealth of recipes, baking-related information and a large core of experienced bakers who unstintingly offer help on virtually every baking-related topic imaginable. Through her experience as a professional baker and pastry chef, Marcy Goldman has built a very strong reputation on her adaptations of traditional recipes for American kitchens.

Rose Levy Beranbaum has built a very solid and well-deserved reputation for the precision of her recipes and the encyclopedic knowledge of ingredients and techniques.

The Artisan focuses on Italian baking and cuisine, but the section "Bread Basics" provides a wealth of detailed information on flours - especially European flours - yeast, and other bread baking ingredients and techniques.

Joe Pastry, a cooking and baking jack of all trades, writes one of the most engaging baking blogs on the Internet, touching not only on technique and ingredients, but also the chemistry, physics and history of baking.

CakeJournal. If you're into cakes, this is the place to go.

Joy of Baking is another blog that offers a wealth of information on every aspect of baking, especially for hands-on home bakers.

Wild Yeast is a great baking blog focused mainly on sourdoughs.

Sourdough Companion is an Australian blog for lovers of wild-yeast leavened breads.

Weekend Bakery, an engaging blog filled with great information and photographs.

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