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"An instant classic" -- Peter Reinhart
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The Rye Baker


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Gold Coast Natural Lemon Emulsion
Price: $5.95

The essential oils that give lemon zest its unmistakable tang are presented here, in easily soluble form, both more intensely flavored and with an ... more info

Gold Coast Natural Orange Emulsion
Price: $5.95

The volatile oils that reside in orange zest are softer and rounder than lemon oils, but share the same ability to add tremendous depth to the flavor ... more info

... more info
Gold Medal Semolina No. 1
Price: $7.50

Approximate analysis (14.5% moisture): Protein 12.2%, Ash 0.80% Semolina is one of the hardest of the wheat relatives and one of the richest in ... more info

... more info
Grain Craft Mondako Bleached Enriched Flour
Price: $5.95

Approximate analysis (14% moisture): Protein 12.0%, Ash 0.50% Mondako is Pendleton Mills' standard bread flour, with superior gluten formation and ... more info

Great Western Pale Malted Rye
Price: $3.49

This imported Canadian malted rye, rich in the natural sugars trapped inside the rye kernel, is an integral ingredient in many German, Baltic and ... more info

Hulled White Sesame Seed
Price: $2.95

This most versatile of seeds, which are rich in fragrant oils and have a distinctive sweet-nutty flavor, originated in North Africa and the Middle ... more info

... more info
Imported German Wicker Brotforms
Price: $29.95

There are lots of low-priced brotforms on the market today, most of them made in China. NYB is proud to offer these authentic brotforms, manufactured ... more info

... more info
Imported Linen-Lined Bannetons
Price: $22.95

These imported French willow bannetons have helped generations of bakers produce perfect rustic boules and sell elsewhere for up to $40. The 8"/20cm ... more info

... more info
King Arthur Sir Galahad™ Bread/AP Flour
Price: $4.95

Approximate analysis (14% moisture): Protein 11.7%, Ash 0.50% At just 11.7% protein and milled exclusively from hard red winter wheat, King Arthur ... more info

... more info
King Arthur Sir Lancelot™ Hi-Gluten Flour
Price: $7.95

Approximate analysis (14% moisture): Protein 14.0%, Ash 0.52% The finest 100% spring wheat high-gluten flour with unmatched absorption and ... more info

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